Maintenance Service Agreement Template Uk

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Under this agreement, maintenance services are provided for certain identified software. Maintenance services are set to cover the provision and/or application of updates and updates for the software to be maintained. The service provider is expected to provide services to a defined standard (for example. B with appropriate diligence and skill) and have the right to suspend services in the event of non-payment by the customer. In addition to these maintenance-specific clauses, the model also includes clauses relating to fees, payments, guarantees, liability limitations, force majeure, termination, termination, interpretation and general construction issues. A standard service agreement, as available in this sub-file, provides a useful starting point for many different services. Individual terms of sale can be negotiated and services detailed, while standard elements of the contract are already taken over. As software maintenance contracts go, this one is short, simple and easy to use. Support services may include some or all of the following services: the customer may be required to cooperate in general terms with the service provider and may also be required to give the service provider access to its computer systems, as is necessary for the provision of maintenance services. Volume of services. These must be clearly defined in order to avoid problems related to the date. The frequency of services and actual services should be covered.

In addition, the contract should determine whether or not the contractor provides a telephone number to deal with emergencies. SCHEDULE B – Fee management, is probably a basic annual or monthly fee for routine services. In Appendix B, there may also be a list of hourly or daily allowances, including perhaps overtime, to cover benefits that are not included in the fixed fee. In addition, the costs of consumables can be indicated, as well as expenses that can be deducted from the pocket – for example. B travel costs – which must be compensated in addition to maintenance costs. The standard word for some of these items appears in italics in Appendix B. If you are the service provider, you should use a service contract when you are hired by a customer to enter into a service. Calendar One of the agreements contains an optional list of maintenance work that the developer will perform. An employer or client may indicate that the service provider cannot try to recruit its employees into the client/company.

This will determine the quality of the services to be provided by the contractor and address the need for competent personnel and the supply of materials and equipment in accordance with the specifications of the manufacturer concerned. Customer: The customer is the person or company that hires another person or group to take out a job or service for them for a fee. Software support, maintenance and consulting contract If you are a contractor providing maintenance services, we recommend using our model for maintenance service, document B156 Standard of Service.