Tag Agreement Uc Davis

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The UC Davis Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) is a written agreement that guarantees admission to UC Davis in a certain major of each California Community College (CCC). Complete all remaining course and AMP requirements, as described in the TAG agreement. For more information on the specific courses required to be admitted to major, visit the UC Davis Admissions Page: www.ucdavis.edu/admissions/transfer/major-requirements-college-engineering 5. All transfer authorization courses and AMP requirements have been completed for the planned major (for more details, you will find www.ucdavis.edu/admissions/transfer/major-requirements-college-engineering). For students who have not completed all transfer admission requirements at their former university, they must acquire a GPA of 2.0 or more in those remaining courses at UC Davis and receive a C or better in each of these courses. Mechanical construction and biomedical technology require an amp of 2.8 or more. The TAG agreement should be prepared about a year before the transfer, but course planning to meet their needs begins earlier than that. Follow the following steps to ensure smooth acceptance and transfer to your chosen university or university: transfer students have the option of securing a seat at a particular university or university before the normal admission period under the Admission Guarante (TAG) transfer program. Signing a TAG agreement and meeting TAG requirements allows you to be admitted to your university. If you submit a partial IGETC, it should not miss more than two requirements. You have one year to meet your missing requirements at UC Davis, and you must notify the Engineering and Graduate Board if you feel you have met the missing requirements. You can do this by sending engugrad@ucdavis.edu by email. Visit the ASSIST website to find out which courses at your CCC: Starting in fall 2020: The College will be the 2nd candidate for the Bachelor of Biological Systems Engineering (EBSE) and Materials Science and Engineering (EMSE) Majors only to consider and close all other technical majors.