Nhs Partnership Agreement

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The Partnership Agreement outlines values, roles and responsibilities, as well as key forums such as the Area Partnership Forum, local partnership forums and the Health and Safety Forum. Sets out a framework for partnership between leaders and trade unions and/or recognized professional organizations, with the aim of helping people to be the best they are. The aim of this agreement is to establish a partnership framework between the Board of Directors, trade unions and professional organisations recognised in the NHS in the United Kingdom, in order to ensure the best possible level of cooperation and agreement on issues of mutual interest and to promote the well-being of the Board of Directors and its employees. It is recognized that their trade unions and professional organisations and management are important stakeholders within NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, and it is therefore in the interest of all stakeholders that these groups work closely together in a partnership process. Lead Executive Director of People and Organisational Development Author and Contact Number Human Resources Manager 01244 393116 The partnership agreement was developed jointly by the Board of Directors and the trade union and professional organizations representing staff. The purpose of the agreement is to ensure that staff are effectively involved in the design and implementation of decisions affecting their work and to provide management with the means to consider the input of staff before making the decisions for which they are responsible.